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Wong Kar Wai gathers the prettiest faces in entertainment for his first English-language flick MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. We all know Wong Kar Wai has made some beautiful films... his recent 2046 is an example of the way he looks at the world. Now he's putting in some of the most beautiful people in the business in these worlds of his... They include Jude Law (quite possibly the most good looking person I have ever met), Natalie Portman (scratch that Jude Law comment) and Rachel Weisz, who is perhaps the cutest actress to ever appear on the silver screen. They star alongside the already announced Norah Jones.

The film is supposed to be a romantic comedy about a young woman (Jones) who travels across America looking for the true meaning of love and runs into some crazy personalities along the way. I'm not sure how involved Law, Portman and Weisz will be... could be major characters or just random strangers met along the way. Either way, I loved Mike Nichols' CLOSER and how Portman and Law worked with each other there. Can't wait to see this one... It starts shooting this summer.

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