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An Evil Henchman sends in his report on WORLD TRADE CENTER's presentation at Cannes!

Hey folks, Harry here... The below report comes from a 19 year old swedish film student - so there are a couple of moments where he fixated on the viscera of moments, which Oliver's eye is so good at picking up on, from a realistic standpoint. Remember, this is most likely going to be a very emotional film made by a consummate filmmaker and artist. Let's see what he gives us this August.

Hi Harry, long time reader first time I think I have something to contribute. If you post this you can call me henchman

I'm a 19 year old swedish film student whose vacationing with my family in Cannes. I managed to get the lowest access to the festival with a cannes cinephile card which is for film students. I can basically get into the screenings where there are a few seats left. Last night I qued for southland tales but got rejected cause I didn't have a bow tie.. typical.. (however the film got really awful reviews this morning but I really hope Southland isn't as bad as they say here)

So instead I went to the line for the 20 min world trade center preview followed by a restored print of the Platoon. While waiting I saw Charlie sheen outside smoking and I got all jazzed up. Then I got in!!!! it was a huge theater in the palais des festival called salle debussy.

Then Oliver stone took the stage with Charlie sheen, Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger next to him.. This is the first time I've ever been to a screening with the creators attending (very unusual in Sweden) and I appluaded a long time... Stone said a few words about world trade center.. He said the music and effects were temp and we got too see it in High defintion because the film wasn't printed... It looked gorgeuos I can tell you that much...

we got too see the entire first 20 minutes of the movie.. it started basically with all the characters waking up and seeing the world trade center and a lot of NY locations... five minutes in the first building gets hit.. everything happened very fast in those twenty minutes and I wonder what the rest of teh movie is gonna be like cause the clip ended with the tower falling and Nic Cage getting trapped.. I thouht it was ok but not great..

I'm a big fan of New York and visited world trade center one month before the attack and been there two times since and. It looked great and when they arrive at the towers and you see the blood and the debris in the air is really wellmade but I still felt it lacked the dramatic punch.. I't felt very realistic and authentic but that extra thing that send chills down your spine was missing.. still this music was temp and the effects too but Stone said this was pretty much the beginning we will see in theaters.. Also you never see the plane actually hit the building you only hear the sounds and the sound design was brilliant.. Stone really plays like you see the attacks from Nicholas cage and his fellow officers view.. well the clip got me excited but not WOW you know but august 19th is a few months away and I really hope the movie is good. Also the Platoon looked great in it's restored glory. Now I'm gonna try to sneak into the x-men.. Over and out from evil henchman

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