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HBO Pondering PREACHER Series??

I am – Hercules!!

Crawling cursed carnivales!! This from “Bomb 2.0,” an untested source:

I don't know good this information is, but I was at a comic convention in Dublin recently where Glenn Fabry was signing. I asked about the Preacher movie and he said that it wouldn't go ahead, that nobody wanted to do it. He then told me that days previous he had gotten a call from somebody from HBO looking for Garth Ennis' phone number. A few hours later he got a call from Garth saying that the producers from The Sopranos want to turn Preacher into a HBO TV series. There was no word on Garth's response to this. If you use this, call me BOMB 2.0.

For those unfamiliar, Preacher is a DC/Vertigo comic book series about a clergyman who becomes possessed by an angel-demon creature with God-like powers. Read the Wikipedia entry here.

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