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Phil feels Cannes... here's the initial temperature reading! Plus Harry's Impression on DA VINCI CODE!

Hey folks, Harry here... Finally got a peek at DA VINCI CODE and frankly... I thought it was fun. As did most everyone that I saw it with (Quint, Massawyrm, Ravvy, Father Geek, etc). The only person at our screening that didn't care for it was a lovely lady that had read the book, and apparently it was boring for her... I didn't really discuss it with her, but I assume it was because she knew literally everything before the film started. Having said that I like it, there's not so much that I enjoyed that I really can write up a full review. Hanks is fine, Audrey is very very very fine, Ian is divine, Paul Bettany creeped my shit out with his thigh girdle tear thingee. I like the story, felt like a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys story for the Vatican set. There was a really clumsily shot car chase I didn't care that much for, and the biggest ouch of it all was about 30 minutes before the end of the film, all inertia is taken out by the removal of the "on the run" aspect... and it just sort of teeters out... as expected. And that was coming from someone that literally didn't know anything about where it was going.

Now - let's get on to Phil's first report from Cannes - hopefully he'll be catching some good films and that some of you in Cannes will be catching some good stuff and letting us know how it all went. I just talked to Guillermo Del Toro tonight, he was literally giddy tonight, in the morning he leaves for Cannes and will be incommunicado till he returns "If I survive!" Heh. I'm praying for a PAN'S LABYRINTH and SOUTHLAND TALES one, two finish. Hey... I can dream. Here's Phil...

Hi Harry,

as i said a few months back I would send you some coverage of the 59th Cannes film festival. Well here goes [apologies for typos but im using a french keyboard].

The first thing that hits you this year is the coverage for the da vinci code, THE big film of the festival and the one that opens it this year. As well as the usual posters adorning the buildings the promoters have erected a giant blck replica of the pyramid entrance to the louvre. Its quiet a sight and dominates the skyline until you get close to it that is and realise that its just a big tent really. Its purpose, in case youre wondering, is for the after party of the Da Vinci Code premiere.

Anyway the grand opening was held tonight and the crowds were pushing and shoving each other to get a glimpse of the stars in attendance. Sydney poitier made a very graceful entrance to rapturous applause, he didnt bother with the usual limo, preferring instead to walk the walk. There were stacks of other celebrities, ranging in importance from Andie Mcdowell to Tim Burton, looking very lost and alone on the big red steps.

The main event came when the stars of the Da Vinci Code appeared. There were rapturous applause for Jean Reno, Audrey Tatou & Ian Mckellan, sorry, Sir Ian Mckellan. But the crowd went absolutely ballistic for Tom Hanks, something that surprised me, id have expected Leon the hitman to be more popular, in France anyway, than Forrest Gump.

Entrance to the event was a tightly regulated affair and so there were numerous people with placards begging for tickets. Even lesser known stars appeared to be having difficulty getting in.

Cannes itself is now completely bonkers, stars wander around on their own or in packs some appear quiet happy, like Damian Lewis strolling down the croisette completely unmolested, whereas others are more interested in making their presence felt. The cost of food and drinks, already prohibitive, has rocketed. In short a very good place to be right now if your loaded and/or famous.

Well thats about all for me on this premiere other films that i should be able to cover in more deatil and actually see should include:

x men: the last stand (tho what with the recent controversy i dont know if youll want a review), marie antoinette, pans labrynth and many many more.

Weathers great by the way, and Harry, Sir Ian Mckellan said to say hello (will send you some pictures when i get a chance to upload them).

If you use this call me Phil (cos thats my name).



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