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Michel Gondry likes Mary Jane! Plus a little insight into the story of BE KIND, REWIND!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a couple things on my most anticipated flick currently in production: BE KIND, REWIND, the next flick from Michel ETERNAL SUNSHINE Gondry starring Jack Black. It looks like Gondry has pilfered his previous film and snagged Kirsten Dunst to appear in the flick. Great news there. I'm not automatically in the Dunst fan club, but she was fantastic in ETERNAL SUNSHINE and, in my opinion, has never been cuter than when she was jumping up and down on that bed.

I also got some inside word about the tone of the script and some of the plot points from a spy by the geeky name of Boba Fat. Those who have been keeping up with the project will remember it is about a video store employee in a small town who becomes magnetized and accidentally erases all the videos in the store. Their most demanding and nearly only client, a nutty old lady, demands to rent films from them, so they go out and start remaking films like ROBOCOP and THE LION KING.

Boba Fat expounds on that a bit here:

The magnetization element is a small part, Jack Black's character (Jerry) attempts to sabotage the local power plant, get caught upside down between two conductors and is magnetized. It only really serves as a device for him to erase all the tapes and then he's cured by drinking a bucket of saltwater!

The main selling point here is Gondry's visuals coupled with Black re-enacting "The Lion King" "Rush Hour" "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Robocop" as the customers start to demand the remade movies. All the town gets involved and the film becomes a metaphor for the magic and importance of film-making.

Finally there's a subplot that ties together the strange flashbacks throughout the film and ends with a great pay off.

Sounds great and I can't wait to see Gondry and Black at play. Thanks Boba Fat for the slightly more in-depth look at the story. Can't wait for this one!!!

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