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UPDATED: Narnia's PRINCE CASPIAN leaps to Summer 2008!

Hey folks, Harry here... I had an executive at a studio tell me yesterday that on THE WATER HORSE that Peter Jackson was involved as a producer on the project, but today I got an email from Peter saying that he isn't involved in the project as a producer or any other function. However, Barrie Osbourne (key producer on LORD OF THE RINGS is) and Weta Workshop and Weta Digital are "having fun on it". Peter says he's sticking to his LOVELY BONES script and enjoying the quieter life at the moment. So there ya go... Here's the original article with the wrong info about Peter....

Hey folks, Harry here - According to Hollywood Reporter two of Walden Media's giant fantasy films were set to basically collide in the holiday season of 2007... being scheduled for release just one week apart. The films? THE WATER HORSE, which Peter Jackson is onboard as a producer with WETA aboard for effects splendor... and then there was Narnia's PRINCE CASPIAN. Disney, which has PRINCE CASPIAN, decided to stake a claim on Summer 2008 with their sequel to their hit fantasy from last year. Was it Disney blinking - or just shrewd negotiations from Walden Media that saw its profits shrinking - and let Disney in on some of what's going on with THE WATER HORSE - which helped them to see it as a threat? We'll probably never know. One this is certain, THE WATER HORSE apparently began shooting this week, so it definitely had a head start on PRINCE CASPIAN. This gives Adamson a bit more room to nail PRINCE CASPIAN with both pre-production and post... which for a fantasy on that scale is always a good thing. Bad thing? We have to wait longer. Sigh.

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