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Dario Argento set to deliver THE MOTHER OF TEARS!

Hey folks, Harry here... Variety's "Cannes" coverage continues to bring more good news today! Seems that Dario Argento is about to delight his followers with a macabre story of witches and suicides in his old stomping grounds of Rome. They guys behind "TOOLBOX MURDERS" script (Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch) have written the script and they quote Giampaolo Letta as saying, "This is going to be vintage Argento. Pretty strong stuff." Having said that... I just watched Argento last film, which was done for television in his home country called "DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK?" - which is Argento's most DePalma feeling flick of all time. Which isn't a bad thing. It's a fun film geek sees the parallels to Hitchcock's films that a murder takes place and interjects himself like the nosey film geek would... when spying on hot homicidal Italian naked babes! If you're an Argento fan - it's worth a look. It's a fun one!

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