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THUNDERBIRDS are go.... are we sure this time'

Well, we keep seeing this project bob down and up more than that girl at the beginning of JAWS. Will it take off this time? I don't know. Noone I know has seen a script, but hey this here's a Polygram dude talking, he ought to know eh? Well, I say let's just wait, not get excited, and see what happens. I'm curious what you folks think of a live action THUNDERBIRDS film, Talk Back about it, if you feel motivated.

Don't know how familiar you are with British LEGENDARY Sci-Fi puppet TV Show Thunderbirds, but I read this on TELETEXT movie scoops in the UK today (MON 19th Oct)

Teletext 461 Oct19 22:32:21



It has been two years in the planning, but it looks as though Thunderbirds could be made into a movie at last.

Polygram wants to spend $75m on a non-puppet version of the hit kids' programme. "This won't be another Avengers," says Polygram boss Michael Kuhn.

"We have the most fantastic script and I'm hoping we can move forward very soon. With a big budget, it has to be right," he said.

Just thought you ougtha know. Sounds ...well!

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