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FANTASTIC FOUR 2 is coming sooner than you think... consider this fair warning!

Hey folks, Harry here... Well those wacky minds at Fox are at it again - they've torpedoed the Futuristic Special Effect ridden Jay Roach comedy with Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller - which... might not have been the worst idea - but the odd thing is... they took USED GUYS release date of JUNE 15th, 2007 and gave it to FANTASTIC FOUR 2 which had the terrible date, which probably never would have worked for marketing... JULY 4TH, 2007. Oh well, God knows that getting a few extra weeks for post is idle time that all filmmakers hate... I'm sure everyone on the FANTASTIC FOUR 2 team are ecstatic to have a couple of weeks shaved off their schedule. Why the blink? Oh the other little film being released on JULY 4th, 2007... it's Michael Bay's multi-ton mechanized robotic bit of badassness... TRANSFORMERS... so maybe it was a good idea to get out of the way... The only way FANTASTIC FOUR 2 could blow that film away would be if it was a great FANTASTIC FOUR movie. Blink. Oh, I get it.

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