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Singer soars from LOGAN'S RUN remake for rest, relaxation and possibly SUPERMAN RETURNS AGAIN!

Hey folks, Harry here... When I talked with Bryan Singer for my PENTHOUSE interview back a month or so ago, I asked him about LOGAN'S RUN and it was like touching a sore spot. For one, Bryan was exhausted sounding. Two - he sincerely seemed to be genuinely confused as to what he wanted to do. He told me some days he wakes up rearing to go wanting to march straight into it. Other days he wants to disappear and take a break. And still other times - he just wants to take that time and concentrate on his television shows, development of other film projects and shooting commercials which he still enjoys to do from time to time.

Well, today - Variety officially made it public that Singer MAY not direct the remake of LOGAN'S RUN. According to Variety - if SUPERMAN RETURNS succeeds at the Box Office, those at Warners would like to be shooting in 2nd half of 2007 with Singer directing. As for LOGAN'S RUN - Variety floats the idea that V FOR VENDETTA director - James McTeigue could step in to helm it. There ya go...

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