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Remember that Russian Elementary school held by Chechen Rebels? Now it's a movie! THE SCHOOL.

Hey folks, Harry here with news from Variety of the latest terrorist conflict turned major feature film. This time, no Americans were harmed in the true events that go to make this feature film, instead - the deaths belonged to school children, their teachers and to Chechen rebels. If memory serves this is the event that inspired Chan Wook Park to use the type of gas he used on Oh Dae-Su in OLDBOY - but my memory may be faulty.

Brian Grazer and Universal Pictures optioned the rights to an Esquire article by C.J. Chivers called "THE SCHOOL" - as of this date - we do not know who Brian has in mind to direct the feature or write it, as this was merely an announcement that the material had been optioned and is being pursued. If you remember - 1,100 were taken hostage... over 300 killed - and 31 terrorists were killed. Could possibly be material for a great film. -- Personally - if I were Brian Grazer - I'd hire Aleksei Balabanov immediately. He's the fucking Russian PECKINPAH, if you ever get a chance to see VOYNA, do so. He'd be AMAZING for this material.

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