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Richard Kelly captured by Homeland Security on the way to his premiere at Cannes of SOUTHLAND TALES!

Hey folks, Harry here... Rest easy. You're safer today, because The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is investigating Richard Kelly as a suspected Terrorist. This is, of course, a completely ludicrous story - and will only go further to reduce the credibility and increase the perception of buffoonery by Homeland Security - where they apparently think that someone named RICHARD KELLY is too close to someone named JAMES KELLY. Surely he'll get to his premiere. After all, he's put in a lot of work on SOUTHLAND TALES, he deserves to enjoy his Cannes premiere... unless of course he's a dirty evil suspected terrorist.

From IMDB: Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly could be forced to miss the Cannes Film Festival because his passport is being reviewed by the US Government. Homeland Security is investigating 31-year-old Kelly, reportedly because there is a James Kelly on the terrorist watch list. Fearing he will be unable to attend the premiere of his new movie Southland Tales at Cannes later this month, Kelly has contacted a US senator and has recruited his mother to hunt out documents to help him prove his American citizenship. The Virginia-born writer/director fears the issue could be connected to the plot of his new movie, which is in part about security measures taken by the Us Government following 9/11. He says, "The paranoid conspiracy freak inside me is starting to think this has something to do with the film."

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