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Who Is Composing Which Scores This Summer (And Beyond)?? The ScoreKeeper Knows!!

Merrick isn't sure what to make of neither Elfman or Clausen scoring THE SIMPSONS MOVIE...

ScoreKeeper sent in a new report about this Summer’s upcoming film scores…and beyond.

You know, when I think of the composer most capable of replacing Jerry Goldsmith on THE OMEN redux, I can think of nobody better than…Marco Beltrami!

I’m kidding.

Although, to be fair, Beltrami’s work has improved dramatically in the last few years – yet nothing in his portfolio would make me think “Goldsmith substitute!” But THE OMEN remake is a Fox film, so logic and sensibility don’t necessarily apply.

Here’s ScoreKeeper…

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here and on the prowl for what’s in store for film music fans in the future.

Is it just me or does the summer movie schedule seem a tad on the bland side? There aren’t many upcoming scores that I’m clamoring to hear outside of a few mild exceptions. Good and bad film music years seem to alternate so after a better than average year for film music in ’05, I guess we can’t be too optimistic about a great ’06. So let’s look at the summer line-up and even push ahead into ‘07 to see what’s around the corner.

One of the more highly anticipated films of the year is, of course, SUPERMAN RETURNS, which will be scored by Singer faithful John Ottman, who will be editing the picture as well. The thought of Ottman using John Williams’ original 1978 Superman theme has me terrified. A legendary theme in the hands of a composer who did not compose it will have a hard time shaking off that cheesy sequel smell. I’m almost wishing that if John Williams isn’t scoring it, then leave his themes alone.

Speaking of faithful, let’s round-up the usual director/composer relationships and get those out of the way. James Newton Howard will be scoring M. Night Shymalan’s LADY IN THE WATER, James Horner will pen Mel Gibson’s APOCALYPTO, Pixar reunites with veteran tune-smith Randy Newman with CARS, Carter Burwell rejoins the Coen Brothers on HAIL CAESAR, and Martin Scorsese seems to be trying to form a long-term relationship with Howard Shore who will score THE DEPARTED. Since we’re on Howard Shore, let’s not forget to mention that he’ll reunite with bestest buddy David Cronenberg on his new film, MAPS TO THE STARS, marking their twelfth collaboration in the last 27 years.

In case it hasn't been heard around the world, everyone should be aware that Danny Elfman will not be scoring SPIDER-MAN 3. Considering the amount of heat he weathered on this very site for the first two scores, that may be welcome news. Instead Christopher Young will take the podium to wrap up the trilogy.

So what is Danny Elfman going to score? Well, now that he’s wrapped up his first IMAX film, DEEP SEA 3D, the next batch of cues we’ll get to hear from the ex-Oingo Boingo front-man is NACHO LIBRE, followed by CHARLOTTE’S WEB. Since Elfman is one of my favorite composers I have to say I’m intrigued to see what he does for CHARLOTTE’S WEB. If anything it gives me a reason to see the film.

OK, which of these statements is more absurd?

A). Tom Hanks will be voicing Homer Simpson in the upcoming Simpsons movie
B). Hans Zimmer will be scoring the upcoming Simpsons movie
C). Harry Knowles will be a celebrity guest in the upcoming Simpsons movie

If you’re having a hard time figuring it out, don’t fret. What you should be concerned with is the fact that one of these statements is actually true. The answer? B). Hans Zimmer will be scoring the upcoming Simpsons movie. Since the second season of “The Simpsons,” composer Alf Clausen has been the musical genius behind one of the most successful shows in television history. I have always been a humongous fan of Alf Clausen and have attributed him as one of the main forces behind the show’s heralded success. At the very least, if they wanted a big named composer attached they should have approached Danny Elfman. After all he wrote the theme (one of the greatest television themes ever). Maybe they did, I don’t know. But hiring Hans Zimmer to score the new Simpsons movie is akin to getting Tom Hanks to voice Homer. Blasphemy!

So what other scoring notables are there to look forward to (or not)? Satisfied with having the first movie sound like Hans Zimmer, the producers of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2 decided to go for the real thing the second time around. Christopher Young will be scoring GHOST RIDER, rising newcomer Michael Giacchino will helm the new Disney animated film, RATATOUILLE, Patrick Doyle will score ERAGON, Marco Beltrami will follow the late Jerry Goldsmith in scoring the next addition in the Omen quintilogy, OMEN 666, and Angelo Badalamenti will create his magic on the remake of THE WICKER MAN.

So what about John Williams? Well, after scoring four mammoth scores last year (WAR OF THE WORLDS, STAR WARS: EPISODE III, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, MUNICH), John seems to be taking a well needed break until Spielberg needs him for his upcoming Abraham Lincoln film.

One of my other favorite composers, Thomas Newman, seems to be taking some time off as well before he starts up on YOUNG HANNIBAL: BEHIND THE MASK.

All in all not really a terribly exciting near-future for film music fans but there is enough there to at least make it interesting. There’s definitely plenty of opportunity for a diamond-in-the-rough or a virtual unknown to make a splash this year. Michael Giacchino popped onto the scene in 2004 with THE INCREDIBLES, his first big Hollywood film score, and created what I still think is by far the best score of that year. Maybe 2006 will offer us another unexpected masterpiece?

ScoreKeeper didn’t mention Klaus Badelt’s score for POSEIDON, a screening I missed last night (apparently luckily, from the sound of it) . Badelt scored the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film, and did a pretty lovely job on the sincerely unfortunate TIME MACHINE remake as well.

Thanks a ton, ScoreKeeper! We really appreciate the article…

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