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Jack Bauer Says "I TRUST YOU TO KILL ME!"

Merrick can’t sing…

Here’s Reni with a look at the new rockumentary I TRUST YOU TO KILL ME, about life on the road with Rocco Deluca & The Burden.

What makes this interesting is that Kiefer Sutherland has been backing the group quite a bit, and (at least in this project) acts as the band’s road manager/promoter. As well as tracking the musicians themselves, this film documents Kiefer’s “real life” efforts towards taking care of the band, getting them publicity, and coaxing people to come to their shows.

Sounds like fun stuff.

Here’s Reni…

'I Trust You To Kill Me' is really two documentaries for the price one; as Kiefer Sutherland takes his indie band, Rocco Deluca & The Burden, on it's first international tour.

As rockumentaries go,'Kill Me' is a fun and personal look into the lives of a rock band and their unqualified road manager as they try to get their music heard.

It's easy to be cynical - would the band really get all this attention without Sutherland? Hard to say. Deluca, a supporting player for John Lee Hooker and Johnny Cash, reminded me of Jeff Buckley and there's no denying his talent. As the film progresses you begin to understand Sutherland's obsessive zeal for the band. And even though musically it's not my bag, the band does show genune commercial promise.

The real joy however is watching Sutherland, behind the scenes, reveal a genuinely humble side. When he isn't lugging equipment, he's calling up radio stations offering interviews in exchange for publicity. When he discovers they've only sold 2 tickets for the Dublin Show, he's on the streets drumming up business and handing out flyers. (Pretty hysterical considering people don't believe it's him - "Sorry, he called you Kiefer Sutherland" - "I am" - "You're joking?")

Sutherland is totally without ego; which is terrific. (His assault on a 12 ft Christmas tree inside a hotel reception is priceless.)

There isn't much depth to I Trust You To Kill Me, it's not the Maysles Brothers. The band are likeable, even Deluca seems pretty reasonable. But the quieter moments focus on Sutherland; painfully honest, lonely almost. This isn't some vanity project, this is something he genuinely cares about.

Essential viewing for 24 fans. The band aren't bad either.

See you round the clubs,


I TRUST YOU TO KILL ME doesn’t have a release date yet, at least not that I can determine.

Music samples from the group can be found via performance videos HERE.

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