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KNIGHT RIDER to ride into a new Dimension on the Silver Screen!

Hey folks, Harry here... Usually I could care less about the latest Television show being turned into theatrical fare... but while I vainly wait in breathless anticipation for a MANIMAL movie, an AUTOMAN movie or... pant pant... a MISFITS OF SCIENCE film... word has come that KNIGHT RIDER - the series that made Hasslehoff Hasslehoff before bouncing shaking cleavage in red onesies in the sand solidified David's ownership of the world. KNIGHT RIDER was very cool - and K.I.T.T. was fetishistically the coolest fucking thing ever for a brief period of my life. Till I realized I could sneak into R-rated movies by simply claiming to be old enough. Having said this... Apparently the movie is being written by Glen Larson - yeah, that Glen Larson - who is planning on making it a darker film, though he wants to keep it PG 13 cuz he doesn't want to alienate the core audience... Because everyone that grew up loving that show from 1982-1986 are still under 13. There is no word if Hasselhoff will be in the film or if William Daniels will reprise his awesome voice work as K.I.T.T. Though a plague upon he that puts William Daniels out of the K.I.T.T. car. The film is being made by DIMENSION and the WEINSTEIN COMPANY.

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