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Jack Bauer Gets Out Of L.A.!! The 24 Movie Looks Not To Take Place In Real Time!!

I am – Hercules!!

Kiefer Sutherland has apparently revealed some clues as to how Fox’s “24” movie will differ from Fox’s “24” TV show.

According to the BBC’s website, Sutherland told London chat show host Jonathan Ross that the “24” movie he hopes to shoot next year will be set “here.” Which I guess could mean London or the United Kingdom or Europe or the Eastern Hemisphere.

The Brit newspaper The Sun, meanwhile, says the “24” movie will be shot in London, Prague and Moracco, suggesting that the movie will drop the TV show’s distinctive “real time” format. Which I guess is how a two-hour movie can get away with calling itself “24”!

For the record, the movie will NOT mark the first time Jack Bauer has been depicted operating outside Los Angeles. A short on the season-four DVD set dealt with a long-haired Jack Bauer escaping assassins in Chicago.

Read the entire BBC story here.

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