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Beacham takes on Medusa and the Kraken with a CLASH OF THE TITANS remake!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the geekiest news to hit the trades today. In another round of remake mania at Warner Bros. they've taken the next step in their redux of CLASH OF THE TITANS. They announced a while ago they wanted to remake the flick and now they've hired Travis Beacham to script the thing. Beacham's an up and comer whose original script KILLING ON CARNIVAL ROAD is in the works with Guillermo del Toro directing.

My thoughts... I love the original, one of the last films Ray Harryhausen worked his magic on. I still think his Medusa is one of the most well executed creatures in movie history and I love the cast, which are all badasses... okay, except for Harry Hamlin. But everybody else rocks in that flick. Burgess Meredith especially. One of the things I love the most about CLASH OF THE TITANS is it was one of the last fantasy films to actually feel truly fantastic. There was an awe to Harryhausen's work in the film that I don't think was rivalled until LOTR.

Beacham's got a tough road in front of him. On one hand I'd love to see an epic Greek Mythology flick, on the other there's a possibility of tarnishing CLASH OF THE TITAN's good name with some winky-wink at the audience imposter. Gonna be interesting to see who is picked to direct and see how the cast shapes up after that. What do you folks think?

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