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SPIDEY in Cleveland pics and video round-up!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with yet more pics of the Cleveland SPIDER-MAN 3 shoot. With the amount of pics that have flooded the net from this flick I'd almost think the studio is deliberately letting fans take pics in order to start the buzz on the flick.

Here's a choice pic of Spider-Man in a crouching on a fucked up car. This is part of a bunch from who have rundown of all the pics sent in by readers. I like this one and one of the stunt man in the Spidey suit posing for the little kid. Here's the pic!

Be sure to click it here for the entire slideshow at!!!

Also, a bit of video of that Armored Truck going out of control has hit the net, too. It's actually really sweet. The rumor is that Sandman is raising hell in this truck and the video seems to validate that as you can clearly see sand in the windows and even some grains flying when it hits those unlucky cars.


I think there's one more day of Cleveland street shooting, which means one more day of random stunt Spider-Man pics! Hooray!!!

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