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Info Update on Tarantino and that whole Purple Haze of rumors!

Hey folks, Harry here. I know you folks have been seeing bullshit rumors about Quentin Tarantino and a Jimi Hendrix Biopic. It's appeared on the New York Post's PAGE SIX, Yahoo and Various Music News sites... and all around the web. Well... tis total bullshit. When Quentin came over to chat tonight - I asked him if he'd heard the rumors about his next film project after he finishes GRINDHOUSE. When I said he was rumored to be making the Purple Haze of Biopics, he just began shaking his head. "Complete Fabrication." "There's not even an iota of truth to it." When I told him it was all over the web, we both began laughing. Total Lie. So what is he working on? Frankly - QT fest isn't about interrogating Quentin, it's about celebrating older films like tonight's triple bill of THE OUTFIT, DION BROTHERS and THE MUTHERS. However, we did learn tonight that Quentin has been working on a book of Film Reviews of 70's Kung Fu Films. He says not to expect it anytime soon, that it's just something he does in his in-between moments and has been working on for quite some time. Other than that, he's gearing up to start shooting his segment of GRINDHOUSE - and for tonight - that's all the news that's fit to print regarding Quentin.

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