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SWEEPS DAY ONE!! Herc's Seen SURVIVOR 12.12!! Terry Vs. Shane, Courtney, Cerie, Danielle & Aras!!

I am – Hercules!!

Survivor 12.12 FAQ

Good episode?
Great episode. The all-important immunity competition you’ve seen in the promos – the one with everybody on their knees holding onto the ropes over their heads – makes for a literally gripping endurance challenge. Medical sales rep Danielle, never skinnier, is bikini-clad for the reward challenge. And we get to see what Sally looks like after a shower.

Do we learn tonight whether constipated Karate-maven Bruce will recover in time to serve on the jury? Will there be a jury of only six now?
Jeff Probst reveals at tonight’s tribal council whether or not Bruce has lost juror status.

The promos show Shane playing with a pretend Blackberry. But that’s not so original, is it? Didn’t somebody keep yapping into a pretend cellphone a few seasons ago?
Yes. In the very first season of “Survivor,” Greg Buis could be spotted yammering away into a coconut.

Is Shane just acting crazy? Isn’t he a member of the Screen Actors Guild?
Yes and yes. Shane Powers had tiny roles in the pilot of “My So-Called Life” and a few episodes of “Third Rock From The Sun.”

Why does Shane always walk like a drunken T-Rex?
I don’t know.

Why has new tribal elder Terry fought so hard to win every individual immunity challenge prior to this episode, even though he had that Exile Island immunity idol in his back pocket? Does he enjoy shaming overconfident twentysomethings?
I don’t know.

What’s involved in the reward challenge?
It’s an obstacle course involving the ocean and ropes, and it looks like a recipe for accidental drowning.

Individual or team reward?

Who makes up the teams?
It’s Terry, Danielle and Courtney vs. Cirie, Aras and Shane.

What reward is at stake?
“Barbeque feast,” Probst teases the starving contestants, who now count snails among the staples of their diet. “Steak. Sausages. Cooler of soft drinks. And for desert, chocolate cake.” But there’s a secret Probst keeps until the challenge is completed.

Is Cirie banished to Exile Island this week?
No. But brace for a Cirie-centric surprise of another stripe.

How does it end, spoiler-boy?
CBS’ screeners usually chop off the ending before everybody gets up to vote, but this time they let critics see contestants take pen to parchment. So I can tell you that, before Probst reads the votes, the CBS television audience will get to see how four of the cast voted.

Wretched Hercules!! At least tell us how one of those four voted!!
One of the men votes for Danielle.

8 p.m. Thursday. CBS.

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