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You will hand over Mary Jane and Aunt May to me... Dark Jedi Spidey?

Ahoy, squirts. Quint here. It seems that fake Spider-Man pics are a dime a million right now. I don't have a good feeling about this one, either. So, why am I posting it? Well, the red-headed Taskmaster demanded it be done and it's one I haven't seen floating around yet. I've gotten a few behind the scenes pics that supposedly feature Spidey in his black suit, but they all felt fake to me. This one is the best looking of those that have been trickling in and plus... he's got a Jedi outfit on. Practically screams to be posted on AICN, no? So, enjoy this probable fake. Thanks to "supes" for the pic, even if you're just pulling our leg. Discuss your thoughts below.

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