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John Cox joins SGT. ROCK's squad!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with yet another DC adaptation in the works. Last week SHAZAM! got announced and this morning we hear that SGT. ROCK is being pushed at Warners with new writer John Cox. According to Variety, this project has been attacked by such notable screenwriters as Brian "L.A. CONFIDENTIAL" Helgeland, David "BLADE RUNNER" Peoples, Jeffrey "LAST CRUSADE" Boam, Steven "DIE HARD" De Souza and John "Motherfucking" Milius (I know RED DAWN or CONAN THE BARBARIAN should have gone in there, but "Motherfucking" felt more right). Let's see if this Cox dude can succeed where these masters haven't.

Personally, I'm all for a good WW2 adventure. Joel Silver is producing, so you know it'll be big and Silver actually isn't afraid of the R-rating. I was more of a superhero reader as a tyke, never really adventuring out into the war books, but I do remember enjoying the few SGT. ROCK issues I picked up. What do you fans of ROCK want to see them do in the adaptation? Let me know below, whenever you get tired of making jokes out of the names John Cox and Sgt. Frank Rock in the same sentence!

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