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Sharks... why'd it have to be sharks... Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a pair of nifty little character comparison stills exclusive to you guys. What we have below are two of Davy Jones' crew... I'm thinking they look a little like Mike Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz after a nasty run in with the Beach Boys. Anyway, the below are looks at two of Jones' main henchmen in the flick. You'll see an evolution of the characters... a maquette, a rough digital form and the final form of each of the two characters. Disney wanted this to be known:

"Here's a first look at conceptual designs and maquette busts of two members from Davy Jones' crew. Hadras & Maccus sail aboard the Flying Dutchman, their bodies assimilating elements of the sea itself under the curse of Davy Jones."

I love the crazy design of these guys and based on the previous film, the trailer for this one and all the design work we've seen so far... count me greatly excited for the sequel. If it's half as fun as the first, it could still be better than most of the other summer blockbusters. Enjoy the pics (oh, and click on the pics below to get larger versions):

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