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KUNG FU HUSTLE 2 Officially Delayed; Stephen Chow Heads To The Stars!!

Merrick can't wait...

Monkeypeaches is reporting that Stephen Chow, the writer/producer/director/star of KUNG FU HUSTLE (and the writer/director/star of SHAOLIN SOCCER) has officially postponed his KUNG FU HUSTLE sequel in favor of a space adventure.

Previous rumors suggested Chow might delay this sequel for a bit longer, or scrap KFH 2 altogether - being no particular fan of sequels. But, apparently, the project is only drydocked for fine-tuning – a point confirmed by Chow at a promotional even this weekend.

His science fiction film is said to feature many kids, and is about “an astronaut who somehow falls in love with a girl in space”. Whether this means both characters are in space, or if only she’s in space, is unknown.

All I can think of…at this moment…are the intrinsic possibilities of Stephen Chow martial arts sequences set in zero gravity – which would be a logical extension of the physics-defying, FX driven combat sequences he’s already visualized. No, I don’t have any knowledge that such material is intended for the film - nor are we certain the new project is action based. I’m just blabbering about what I’d like to see…

Presumably, the ever-savvy Chow wishes to capitalize on China’s recently ignited fervor for space travel - fanned by successful manned launches, and a sweeping master plan which points that country towards the moon within two decades.

Back in the 80s, Chow “presented” a popular children’s television show called 430 SPACE SHUTTLE. Wondering if there might be any kind of cross connect between that show and his new movie, I looked around a bit. I’ve been unable to track down any information about the series, beyond reports that it aired for either five or six years.

Thanks to Han for the e-mail!

My son was considering playing soccer until he realized soccer balls didn’t punch through the air like fiery comets - as they do in SHAOLIN SOCCER. Wonder how Chow will now “ruin” space travel?! (I mean this in an affectionate, respectful way…)

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