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Supergirl and The Legion of Superheroes!! (& Green Arrow!!) First New JLU Since March 11!!

I am – Hercules!!

Tonight the Cartoon Network finally brings to America one of the last four “Justice League” installments ever produced.

Here’s “Drunken Irishman,” whom I’m guessing doesn’t know his Validus from his Matter-Eater Lad:

What's this episode called?
"Far From Home"

Who's responsible?
Dwayne McDuffy for the story, the legendary Paul Dini for the script and Dan Riba directed.

Who from the League appears?
Supergirl (who just turned 21 years old), Superman, Green Lantern, and Green Arrow.

Anyone else?

Seriously? So did Luthor manage to free him from the rock?
Nope, Luthor and the League of Villains remain absent. This Brainiac is different one from the one we know.

Different how?
Well, for starters, he's organic.

Yep. The episode takes place 1000 years from now. The Brainiac we know found a way over that time to imprint his program into an organic body. We never find out exactly what happened to him, but we're left with the impression that he's long dead. This Brainiac (or Brainy as he's known to friends) is Brainiac 5. He describes himself a black sheep of the family cause he's trying to make amends for everything his ancestors have done.

Right. So what's his story?
He's part of a Legion of Superheroes (most of whom we see but never hear from) who are kind of the Justice League of their day. The only other member we see and hear from is "Bouncing Boy", essentially a fat bloke who super-bounces

And do they have enemies?
Indeed they do, a group of Villains called the "Fatal Five" but the only names I caught were the Emerald Empress (who controls a giant Emerald Eye of Eckram; it's kind of like GL's ring but it's a floating eye), Half-A-Man (half man, half machine), Tharok (giant machine thing with a living brain) and Baladis (no idea what he does).

Why do our guys meet up with all these people?
Save for Brainiac and Bouncing Boy, the Legion of Superheroes has been has been captured by the Fatal Five. Brainiac needs 3 Superheroes to help retrieve them. To this end, he transports Green Lantern, Supergirl and Green Arrow through time.

What are the Fatal Five planning?
They want to destroy the Capital City of the United Planets. They've captured all the Superheroes and are using some electronic mind control thingy to make them destroy the city for them.

So, do the League members agree to help Brainiac?
Yep, and this makes Kara happy. She thinks Brianiac is cute. And vise versa.

But if these guys are from the future, don't Brianiac and Bouncing Boy already know about the League?
Indeed they do, and they know of a legend about 3 League members brought to the future: 'only two will return,' Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

What happens to Supergirl? Does she die?
That would be telling.

What's good?
"You wanna shut up before you create a time paradox." The spaceships battling each other. "Just because he's seriously cute doesn't mean we should trust a Brianiac." "Maybe I was just trying to cop a feel." Green Arrow talking to Brainiac about Kara. Kara finally coming into her own as a superhero. Bouncing Boy bouncing. "Now this boy Kara likes so much, does he have a name?"

What's bad?
Kara and Brainiac fall for each other far to fast. It just seemed completely unrealistic. I know it's a cartoon, but give us some credit.

Rating: ***** out of Five.

10:30 p.m. Saturday. Cartoon Network

“Justice League Unlimited” may be ending in May, but its universe continues in June with “Superman: Brainiac Attacks.”

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