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Anger Management director shouts SHAZAM!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Looks like comedy director Peter Segal (ANGER MANAGEMENT, 50 FIRST DATES, TOMMY BOY) has landed his own superhero flick at New Line. I always figured SHAZAM! as a sub-Superman comic when I was real young, but when I actually picked up a few books I couldn't help be drawn into the idea of a young kid able to wield the power and smarts of a true blue superhero with the utterance of a single word.

Shazam is the word that young Billy Batson says to become the superhero Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel, despite the name, is a DC character not to be confused with Marvel's Captain Marvels (my favorite being the female Captain Marvel from the '80s with that awesome afro-like hairstyle).

Shazam! has been made into movie serials and is often mistaken for that shitty Shaq movie from the mid-'90s. I really hope that Segal and the studio go for a more serious approach to the material. I know the idea of a kid with the ability to turn into an adult superhero at any time is ripe for comedy, but even if they don't take themselves too seriously, I hope they at least respect the material.

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