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AICN & ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE Presents An Astonishing Screening of NACHO LIBRE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Tim League and I have been planning this one for quite some time now. The goal was to throw an amazing event with low to nil cost for you folks that would be one of those film experiences that you'd carry with you for a long long time. Now here's the thing. Not all films lend themselves to the sort of amazing fun that Tim League and I like to throw. But - when Jack "frickin" Black is putting on a lucha libre flick... directed by Jarod Hess and written by Mike White... well - you have the mexican food angle, the comedy angle, the masked wrestler angle and the fucking insane masked midget wrestling angle... and then the talent angle. At that point - it just sort of became an issue - where... none of the Drafthouse venues were big enough for the event... We wanted to throw this thing so basically everybody that wanted in could get in - so this will be a ROLLING ROADSHOW spectacular. The first of the year for AICN & the Alamo to team up on. I'm working on the 10th Anniversary Event... still trying to figure it out - but this is ONE of the 10th Anniversary Events - not just the big AICN throw down orgy spectacular! Details on that... coming soon. But for now - here's all the details to the best damn show around. Here ya go...

Ain't It Cool News presents

Nacho Libre Lucha Libre Extravaganza!

Theater: The Rolling Roadshow

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Rating: Unknown

Age Policy: 18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

My excitement over this film was already overflowing the cup, even before the posters began to hit the street. The storyline seemed incapable of disappointing: Jack Black as a monk by day, lucha libre wrestler by night, written and directed by Jared Hess, creator of the sublime Napoleon Dynamite! Then, about two months ago, when the first image of mask-clad Jack Black hit Ain't It Cool News, I could no longer contain myself. Harry and I went into immediate secret counsel and crafted the mother of all rolling roadshows. On Saturday, May 27, at the Glenn, just outside Austin, you are invited to join us for the Nacho Libre, Lucha Libre high-flying extravaganza. The Alamo kitchen will be serving up Mexican food themed to the movie, and before the show, we will have, direct from Mexico City a professional high flying lucha libre wrestling extravaganza live in front of the screen.

Please note, two of the wrestlers will be midgets!

The best part is admission is absolutely free. Tickets are limited, and we don't expect them to be available long.

Email us with NACHO RSVP in the subject line to let us know that you will be coming AND wearing a wrestling mask

Because this film is a premiere, there will be no cameras or camera phones allowed at the screening. The Alamo will have a photographer on site and photos will be posted on the web after the screening.


Doors open at 6:30 PM

Wrestling at 7:30 PM

Group Photo of masked attendees 8:15 PM

Movie at 8:45

Q&A at 10:30

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