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Want to go into the fog and get a glimpse of SILENT HILL?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. One of my most anticipated films of the Spring is Christophe Gans' SILENT HILL. The trailer promises a hard core movie with incredibly dense atmosphere and some really fucked up creatures. Apparently there was a "Behind the Scenes" segment that ran on Starz and some lovely internet-smart peoples digitized it and put it online for us that aren't glued to Starz 24/7. I had to stop it half way through because it was showing me much more than I wanted to see... Stuff I would want to find out about while watching the movie, but for spoiler-hounds this is gold. Good stuff below, squirts! Enjoy!!!

Hey, a bunch of Silent Hill movie news is coming around the front, and with each TV trailer, I was losing confidence. Then I saw this:


(higher resolution here but 186 megs: GODDAMN THIS IS A BIG FILE!)

both posted on the Silent Hill UK forums by cga1985.

I think Gans has outdone himself and any expectation for any sort of video game-based movie out there.

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