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Phil Joanou to direct SHARKY'S MACHINE! Remake mania continues!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It seems that the remake mania is still going strong. In this case we have Warner Bros. remaking another of their classics (they also have WILD BUNCH and DIRTY DOZEN in the works), this one the Burt Reynolds hard-boiled early '80s classic SHARKY'S MACHINE, about a tough cop in Atlanta who decides to clean up his city by putting together a team of badass' to hunt down some of the more brutal criminals out there.

In this case, I'm interested in seeing what director Phil Joanou can pull off. Joanou is known for his 7-UP IN AMERICA series (7, 14, 21, etc) and his work with U2. He's an interesting pick for a director and while I'm not 100% for the idea of remaking SHARKY'S MACHINE I am willing to give it a chance if they keep making interesting decisions with the talent involved.

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