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More SIMPSONS MOVIE Plot Points ("Springfield Dome" Clarified)!!

Merrick was crushed to learn the restaurant sign actually read: Pei Wei Hunan, not Pee Wee Herman…

Earlier this afternoon, Jared-Syn dispatched an electronically transmitted communiqué following-up on Monday’s report about a plot point in the forthcoming SIMPSONS MOVIE.


In Monday’s article, a source named Krusty the Clown’s Nephew wrote:

"All of the original cast, and writers, are involved. The main plot is that a goof by Homer at the power plant results in the government putting a dome over the city limits of Springfield."

Jared says this is not entirely correct, but he thinks he knows where the confusion came from.

Here’s Jared…

In the movie Homer causes an accident at the nuclear power plant - which causes the town’s drinking water to be spoilt. Therefore, Erin Brockovich is guest starring - playing herself. After the incident, Homer gets fired from the plant, and majority of Springfield's citizens move away.

There is not going to be a dome built over the town.

But, in one scene, when people are trying to figure out what to do at the city hall meeting - Professor Frink suggests a “giant dome” should be built around the town. The dome rumors could've started from that.

There will also be cameos by Albert Brooks' previous characters, but I don't know who they are, and I don't know whether he's going to play any bigger part.

So, there you go. THANK YOU for the clarity, Jared. Very much appreciated!

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