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Tubby the Tuba sings about Henry Selick, CORALINE, FANTASTIC MR FOX & HERE BE MONSTERS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with one of the sweetest contributors that I believe has ever brought us news. Tubby the Tuba. He's such a fine instrument. Mr Frog told me so, and he has a beautiful song for us all to sing-a-long to. Pull up a chair. Listen to him, his song rings true...

Hello there Mr Conductors, sir.

I'm Tubby, Tubby the Tuba and along with my beautiful song, George Pal gave me an undying love of stop-motion animation and the animators that touch us and bring us to life. For some time now I've followed the wonderfully articulated and animated wonders of Mr. Henry Selick. He's such a polite and gentle man, filled with love for our animated friends.

Being a bit of a celebrity in this world of animation, I have a great deal of insight into Mr Selick's world and I can tell you, just as sure as I have to blow my spit valve, that Henry is moving full speed with his highest priority being CORALINE. Not only that, but he's dedicating himself to not wimping out and to honor Mr Neil Gaiman's fine fine book. The good people at LAIKA, the company that Selick is running now have just been so dedicated and brave. It really is a wonder. If you wish, check out the poster concepts they have running over at! Oh, how I wish I could share with you the glory of their story reels on this film. Henry's brought together his old friends like Mr Pete Kozachik, Micke Cachuela and the honorable Anthony Scott.

Sadly, Mr Selick is no longer at work on THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX - when he had the chance to bring Gaiman's CORALINE to life, he had to choose, as there was not time in his life for both. As for HERE BE MONSTERS, it is just at the beginning of the translation process. At this point, Mr. Selick hasn't decided whether or not he'll do the film with a co-director, or merely supervise another director to make sure that within the span of a human life, he'll have the time to do all the wonderful visions he would like to give us. He is, however, completely in love with the character designs and tone and is dedicated to translating it in the wonderful artform of my dearly departed friend, Mr. Pal. Yes, it will be stop motion.

As for Henry's prior work - remember on JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH there was a tyrant of an exec riding him like those trombones used to ride me. And with MONKEYBONE - his life was constantly a nightmare that he barely awoke from. At Laika, Henry has found a home for his ideas, ambitions, dreams and an unending stream of stop motion animated glories.

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