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CHARLOTTE'S WEB Teaser Trailer Airs Saturday!!

Merrick here...

I've just been tipped off that the teaser trailer for the upcoming CHARLOTTE'S WEB live action/CGI feature film will air tomorrow night during Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards (beginning 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern).

The teaser has been described as "amazing"; I can't vouch for this as I haven't seen it.

The anthropomorphic barnyard creatures in the movie will be voiced by the likes of Julia Roberts, Dakota Fanning, Steve Buscemi, Ophrah Winfrey, Kathy Bates, John Cleese, Robert Redford, Thomas Hayden Church and Jennifer Garner – among others. The film’s score is composed by Danny Elfman, and I believe much of its FX work will be handled by the super-cool Tippett Studios.

If anyone out there grew up with E.B. White’s book (or 1973’s animated feature film) like I did, you might wanna check this out. CHARLOTTE'S WEB will be released this Christmas.

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