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UPDATE #2 - 1:13pm CST - Now receiving multiple (and very specific) reports of SIMPSONS MOVIE teaser trailers attached to ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN.

This one from The Angel of Death...

First off, being 'in the theater business,' I can say that it was part of a two-pak trailer that came with Ice Age: The Meltdown.

After the Audience sits through the trailer for 'Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties' (Wasn't that an old WB cartoon with Tweety?), they will be treated to a camera roving over the ol' 'S' shield, before zooming out, showing Homer sitting on the couch, watching TV, wearing the 'Supes' shirt.

So far, the film is just called 'Simpsons: The Movie,' and has a planned release date of July 27, 2007.

I don't know about different trailers. Of the ones [occupational allusion deleted by Merrick] all had Homer sitting there with his Superman shirt.

Earlier today...

UPDATE: Regarding whether or not this is an early April Fool's joke. It isn't, at least not by AICN. It could feasibly be some well-planned, collective conspiracy against us. But, for whatever it's worth, we've received five or six e-mails about this. So, by all means, take this with a grain of salt given our proximity to such a trixy day. If you DO see ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN, please post in the Talkback if you see, or don't see, the teaser!

Merrick didn't see this when he saw ICE AGE 2...damn it!

We're getting multiple reports that teasers for THE SIMPSONS movie are attached to some prints of ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN.

From what we're told, the teasers appear to come in at least two flavors. One of the teasers is simply Homer asleep on a couch. Another appears to be a riff on SUPERMAN movies. Both teasers indicate a July 27, 2007 release date. Both teasers are said to be rather short (30 seconds or so).

One, or both, of these teasers is/are featured in a combo trailer with GARFIELD'S A TALE OF TWO KITTIES. Whether further variants of the teaser are in circulation is unknown at this time.

Before diehard SIMPSONS fans run out to see the staggeringly uninspired ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN, please keep in mind that we don't know if these teasers were attached to every print of the film, select prints, etc. In other words, theoretically, you wouldn’t necessarily see the teasers even if you go to ICE AGE.

It's all a bit unclear, and boy do I need coffee. If you happen to lay eyes on these teasers, feel free to post a Talkback (below) telling us everything about it!

And, of course, THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in about this...

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