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Grisly Machete Violence!! Herc's Seen (Most Of) The First New SURVIVOR Since March 9!!

I am – Hercules!!

10 survivors remain, and things are heating up in tonight’s excellent “Survivor” installment!

Four-member La Mina, devastated by the loss of Astronaut Dan, get some bad news at the top of tonight’s episode. They’re to paddle over to the six-member Casaya tribe and merge. La Mina outsider Sally, returning soon after from Exile Island, joins the new tribe soon after. Handsome new black buffs are issued.

At a numbers disadvantage, La Mina pilot Terry lobbies hard to bring one of the Casaya into an alliance with his fellow La Minans. A key target is karate teacher Bruce, who still feels much the outsider in a fearful tribe cigarette-junkie Shane continues to rule.

Terry, long the La Mina leader, is quickly identified as the next target by the Casayans, who believe the graying flyboy did not find the Exile Island Immunity Thingie (or EIIT).

Things get so ugly, a machete blow of great force will slice deeply into contestant flesh!

The immunity challenge turns out to be a simple endurance test, requiring the castaways to hang from elevated logs like so much drying laundry. To no one’s astonishment, leaf-fearing Cirie is the first to drop. Then another La Minan. The machete victim is third to fall. Nicotine-addicted Shane lobbies Jeff Probst for snack-bribes, but none are forthcoming.

CBS again snipped the last few minutes out of the screener, so I couldn’t tell you who gets the boot this week – even if I wanted to.

8 p.m. Thursday. CBS.

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