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UPDATED! Tobey! Black Spidey Suit!! Pic!!! SPIDERMAN 3!!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... No disrespect to big red, Cartuna or our new editor, Merrick, who has been doing a great job so far... But I saw this come in and immediately said, "Oh, Spider-Man 2..." So, yes... It's fake. We've already gotten the screengrabs from Spider-Man 2 sent in. We know it's fake... But it's also a decent look at how, visually, the black suit could look if it is indeed just the regular Spidey costume with raised, silver webbing. At least there's that. Enjoy the fakery.

Merrick here...

This comes from M21, a source previously unknown to AICN. As such, he/she/it is untested and untried - but damn compelling none the less.

Harry, myself, and the mighty Cartuna (our consulting image specialist) have all gone over this picture extensively, and we're 90% certain it's a legitimate shot from SPIDERMAN 3.

We know a lot of folks out there are trying to fuck us with home-made pics just like these. If that’s what this is…well done! REALLY well done!

But we think it’s real. See what you think...

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