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Ms Calamity Jane takes a strange view of EARTHLINGS!

Hey folks, Harry here with another look at a politically charged flick, EARTHLINGS. Seems like this is the film to see while wearing leather and furs, whilst eating chicken, beef stew and neglecting your pets. Here ya go...

Hello everyone Miss Calamity Jane here again, with my review of "Earthlings"

Ok, fair warning you guys, this is a very good film documenting the mistreatment of "animals" for the consumption,entertainment, clothing,and companionship of we the "smart" hairless "humane" monkeys and after seeing this you'll put quotations in the same spots I just did.

Writing this I believe can most effectively be done in the exact order in which was illustrated by hidden camera footage and national geographic-esque cinematography combined with narration by Joaquin Phoenix. So thus heres my opinion on a film I think everyone should see...

Part One PETS

This shows our human need for the companionship of animals and illustrates how our need being innocent, must be combined with the ability to respect our pets and make a responsible commitment to those additions to our lives. Once you see what is behind pet shops, how these animals are captured, what breeding bins really look like, and what the animal is fed before sold on the open market, shipping crates that dehydrate and fester disease, and then there's what ignorant people do and don't.

Strays....9 million pets die of hunger and disease on the streets of the great US of A, oh yeah then there's the pounds 16 million die. You see dogs and cats gassed, injected, beaten, starved and caged.

Every pet owner should see this, and relise how our primal need is not wrong but, mass capture, death, and neglect is a direct result of over demand of a responsibility many are not ready for. Also spay and neuter your pets unless (in my opinion) you are a true animal lover and are willing to take uber care of your pet and their babies.

Part Two FOOD

Some of the most disgusting shit I have ever seen, I am going to try and describe a little. Dehorning, horns are living parts of these animals and when you take a circular saw to a goats, head it does bleed and the animal screams, most of the time this is done without anisteisha. Branding, red hot irons that are driven deeply into flesh to identify and separate. Milking.. I thought this one would not be that painful to watch however I was badly mistaken, Cows that are chemically stimulated to produce as much milk as possible, and if you have ever heard that phrase "milking something dry" it can be done and is, these cows live horrible lives in stalls to small to turn around, force fed, and die terrible deaths. Knocking boxes...just look that one up along with Veal (calfs-baby cows), Gestation Crates, bleedings, Waste pits, and kosher slaughter.

Speaking of efficient we have become, killing more than we can eat, and making an industry of slaughter. This film might not awake a need to become a vegetarian, but you will be thinking about what you are eating and if you should. Look down at that plate. Was that a happy pig? Free to roam a field munching down on green grass, killed "painlessly" in a sanitary environment. Or did it live in a stall being force fed its genetically altered brothers decomposing flesh later only to be beaten about the head by some redneck with a hammer on a floor covered with piss, shit, and blood.

Moving on,let me not forget seafood. For one moment think about that huge big salty blue wastebasket we dump tons of pollution into on a daily basis and ponder Pfisteria we all know where it came from, we are destroying not only these animals by doing this but slowly and at a rapid pace ourselves as well. And for all of you who think fish are different. Just download some footage of how the Japanese slaughter tons of dolphins, and remember their receptors of pain are equal to ours. Whaling, a delicacy you just gotta see it. Force yourself, for your own good and then make the educated decision to eat what you want, knowing what your eating.

Part 3 Clothing


In this third quarter of the film they take you though the footsteps of an India cow on its way to become your next leather purchased good. As you may know Cows are sacred in India and must receive "special" preparation and treatment before being slaughtered for their skins. They are first put though shoeings and roping, a tradition to prepare them for their death march, on which many of them die of exhaustion. How do they keep them marching onward? They have been known to rub chile (powder)in the cows eyes as a tool of motivation this all and more pain is suffered by the cows on their way to the slaughter. The thing that really gets me is they do not use every part of these "sacred" animals they are killed basically only for their skins, which are then treated with toxic chemicals to tan them, think of the waste of it all. India Cows skins are found all over the world look at the tag, you probably own an India Cow skin jacket, wallet, belt, or pair of shoes. Personally, I believe if the world wants to kill in order to consume, make every kill count, use every single part of the animal and in doing that we can minimize the statistics of deaths. I do not believe in subjecting animals to cruelty, and overwhelming suffering deaths, we should respect them and ourselves enough to know, some things are just wrong for any and all creatures. Seeing some as being below us is a problem we have even with our own kind.


Oh how we destroy what we covet! I have to say this review is not fun to write, as this film has not a happy note in it, so if at times I come off as some animal rights fanatic, know that by this point in the film I truly went from being a nice animal lover to being repulsed by humans blatant disregard for life, of all types. Did you know sometimes, they skin the animals alive!? Why? Why the hell is that happening?

Ok, sorry folks if Fur started with an off track rant. This section is very brutal, ok here is a word combo for you...anal electrocution, yeah you do not wanna be reincarnated as a cute fuzzy animal cuz that can happen to you along with poisoning, disease of course and as mentioned above you could be skinned alive so some one can wrap themselves up in the skin of something that was in life and is in death beautiful. And we all know of course this section could not leave out- baby seals. Yeah, this was very difficult to watch but hey, I do not regret watching it, I regret it existing in humanity.

Part 4 Entertainment

Sports such as racing, rodeos, bull fights, fair shows, fights, and you know, these all subject animals to abuse on different levels as well. Cattle prods, swords, ropings, spurs and more all add to injuries the animals suffer usually resulting in an animal needing to be "put down". I do not believe all rodeos and such are truly evil, but I am of the opinion- you wanna fight a bull as an art form its a dance not a fight, the "fight" is a slaughter, you wanna prove some macho mentality true go in there unarmed, alone, and then come out standing then I'll be impressed. And if you wanna ride a bull find one thats already wild enough so you dont have to tie a rope around its balls, tease, and shock'em.

The Circus, I love the circus and I hated seeing this, and as I said above not all animal entertainment is evil, but this film. They show you true examples of human waste. And the footage of alot of these "trainers" makes me ashamed of my species cuz, those animals are much more human than the humans. I know alot of training is based on a rewards system and thats what they all say, and those that are great, hopefully living conditions are in the right too. But thats not in this film, this film is showing you what you never get to see, the bad side of the big top, proving it still does exist.

Hunting, this film says its still the number one killer of all animals. I dont see how thats possible but whatever. This does show everything you would expect, or even have imagined. Bloodsport's are wrong, dont just kill to kill, kill only out of necessity, and if not only out of that dont be a monster, eat what you slay, wear it, thank that fucking animal.

Part 5 Animal Testing-Science

Medical experimentation on animals is cruel, and boy when you see what I saw... See if you can find out how they investigate head traumas on baboons, how they perform surgery with no help from drugs, deprivation, electric shock, see them practice burn testing on pigs, and just watch this movie. I am literally speechless, mainly because this part, medicine, evoking pain on "animals" to save that of humans, its bad with benefits. However although they dont mention it here in this film, it has helped in many ways, and added to humans. For better or worse science will always need guini pigs of all shapes and sizes for reasons bad and good.

The conclusion of this film asks you to look at what animals give to the world, then look at what they get in return. Yep, this film was great and just so you know I am a meat eater, I grew up on a cattle ranch I know it can all be done much better, than represented in this film, however it usually isn't, I am going hunting soon with some friends and my kid. You can bet your ass my prey will be respected and eaten fully, and I will use the skin and everything else, more honor in killing it yourself for yourself and allowing it a life before hand.

I highly suggest this film to everyone

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