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Oh Lord... SNAKES ON A PLANE to get crazier and more hard-core because of... us?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... This year holds many anticipations for me. I can't wait to see Christophe Gans' SILENT HILL. I also have Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES to look forward to as well as Singer's SUPERMAN and Scorsese's THE DEPARTED. Is it so wrong that amongst those films is a title like SNAKES ON A PLANE? Well, maybe it is, but ever since the title was announced and Sam Jackson was announced as starring in that movie... The dream of what SNAKES ON A PLANE could be was born.

We've been talking about it online and that has spilled over into the mainstream. There have been many T-shirts printed (check here and here and here). I saw a comedian named Aziz Ansari open for Patton Oswalt during SXSW who stopped the bit to tell the audience about seeing that internet non-trailer and how genius that movie is going to be.

People might think it's a joke, but I guarantee you 99% of the people making fun of it WILL watch it. And now we might have just cause to do so...

Apparently, New Line has greenlighted a 5 day reshoot for the film... Not because it needed fixing, but to make it MORE hardcore, to take it from PG-13 to an R. In short, to make it as fun as the fans hope it can be, what they wish it could be... They want to fulfill the dream of what SNAKES ON A PLANE starring Sam "The Man" Jackson can be. And they're doing it because of the incredibly strong early fan support. As I said above, the movie is a joke to most people, but I can't deny that I'm genuinely excited to see the movie... I'm expecting a thing of beauty. Past generations got to see people like Oliver Reed fight snakes (the underseen, if not completely successful VENOM) and now we have SNAKES ON A PLANE, hitting theaters rated R. It could be glorious!!!

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