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NEGADON Attacks Ithaca, New York!!

Merrick here, with memories of a monster-ravaged Nihon dancing in my head...

Heather, from the Anime Society of Ithaca College (in Ithaca, New York) wrote in about a forthcoming screening of NEGADON.

For those who haven't heard about NEGADON, it's a highly artistic, brilliantly directed and designed CGI piece - very similar in introspect and tone to the original Japanese edit of GODZILLA. Take these sensibilities, throw in some Mecha influence, and you get a twenty-something minute movie that is truly remarkable.

You can find out more about the project HERE and HERE (beware of slow, if not impossible, load times on the later link).

Here's the note from Heather...

The screening will be of "Negadon: The Monster from Mars" by Awazu Jun. It is a Japanese CGI monster movie in the vain of "Godzilla."

The viewing will be followed by a discussion with IC cinema professor Simon Tarr and IC alum Peter Tatara '05, who is currently working for Central Park Media (which is distributing the film.)

It will take place this Friday March 24, 2006 at 7:30pm on the Ithaca College campus, Park Hall room 138. It's free and open to the public, so I thought maybe some of the readers of Ain't It Cool News may be interested. Thanks for your time!

If you're in Ithaca and can check this out on Friday, I highly recommend it. When one thinks about how few people worked on the film, and sees how much they accomplished, it's hard not to be humbled.

NEGADON will be released on DVD this Summer.

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