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Bruce Campbell speaks about the EVIL DEAD remake!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with the newest words to escape from the mouth of The Man himself, Mr. Bruce Campbell, regarding the goings on of the EVIL DEAD world. Nothing is really new, but I hadn't heard about this approach to the remake yet... not just sans Bruce as Ash, but sans Ash altogether. So, here's the man. Listen up!

Hey Harry,

Thought your fans might like to know what Bruce Campbell himself had to say about an Evil Dead remake. I interviewed him for Penny Blood Magazine and he had this to say:

“We don't really talk about [another] sequel too much 'cause Sam is too busy right now. It would all be kinda moot. But I think we're gonna do a remake. It'll be a whole new story, though. It won't be with Ash. It'll be the evil book, and it'll affect a whole new group of people in a different situation. More like a reinvention. A lot of people, they got really crabby on the Internet when they first heard that type of stuff. But, we would never do anything to insult them. The trick is to take that premise - and we think it's a scary premise - and use some cool modern day FX… so we won't have green garden hoses in the shots. We wanna make a flat out, scary-ass, un-rated horror film.”

Check the quote out here:

Also, you can read the entire interview in the latest ish of Penny Blood. Please give Penny Blood props for the source, if you end up using the lead. Thanks a bunch.

Flat out, scary-ass un-rated horror film... Sounds good to me, but I might be alone in thinking that part of the charm of the original EVIL DEAD was in seeing the edges to the effects. I hope they don't go all CGI-ing up the series. I'm not anti-CGI, but I've yet to see it truly enhance the horror genre. Maybe they'll just use it to erase said green garden hoses? Who knows?

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