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Fountains Of ... 24 5.14!!

I am – Hercules!!

Word is Tony Almeida’s punctured corpse is hauled off to the morgue this week, but something illogical inside me chooses to believe that this is all somehow elaborate misdirection, and Soul Patch will be back to exact his soul-patch vengeance.

The big news this week is two-fisted former White House chief of staff Wayne Palmer re-joins the fray. He and secret service superman Aaron Pierce team up and fight crime.

The other big thing, we hear, is that vice president Leland Palmer finally gets this week what he’s been looking for since he arrived.

Firefly: The Complete Series just went half-off -- $24.96 new!!

You say you don’t live in Los Angeles and have grown miserable hearing of Herc’s adventures at the Museum of Television’s William S. Paley Festival? Then you might have a gander at these:
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