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Marwood Checks Out Gillian Anderson in STRAIGHTHEADS!!

Merrick here...

Marwood wrote in with a look at the first screening of Dana Scully and Danny Dyer's new film STRAIGHTHEAD.

The screening happened last night in Soho -- where a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's. Sorry, couldn't resist.


Here's Marwood...

Last night I went to screening of ‘Straightheads’ in Soho, london.

Its a British film staring Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer (Human Traffic, The Business). This was the first audience test screening so the sound and music had not be finalized.

Anderson plays Alice, a business woman who hires Adam (Dyer) to fit a hi-tech security camera system in her home (cue naked Anderson). She then invites him to a huge party in a country mansion where Adam feels totally out of place.

Adam wanders off outside where Alice finds him and they make love there in the garden. Driving home form the party down country lanes they encounter a jeep driving really slowly in front on them. After flashing the lights and beeping the horn Alice, who is driving manages to pass them while Adam gestures to the Jeep out the window.

Driving on quickly down the dark road a dear jumps out in front of the car and smashes against the window. They decide that they must put the dear out of its misery and after dragging it to the side of the road Alice hands Adam a wrench to smash its scull in. At this point the jeep appears and 3 men jump out and what happens next is a horrifically violent attack first on Adam and then on Alice.

The film then turns into a revenge thriller, with a few unbelievable scenarios but some sick violence thrown in.

Not a Gillian Anderson fan myself I found her portrayal of this woman-on-a-mission convincing but even though I like Danny Dyer he still only has one mode of acting which is ‘Danny Dyer’. It has a nice use of the English country side but it ain’t no Dead Man’s Shoes. And answers on a postcard if anyone can tell me what the title is all about……

Thanks for the review, Marwood.

I've never been a huge Gillian Anderson fan. She's truly beautiful, but there's often a hollowness to her performance (as far as I'm concerned.)

None the less, I know she's popular as hell amongst X FILES fans, and I'm intrigued by some of the roles she's taken recently -- so I'm interested to see where her career goes from here...

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