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AICN Exclusive: Brand Spankin' New CARS Poster!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here from sunny Las Vegas. I have the world exclusive first look at the brand new poster for CARS. It's a pretty sweet little poster. One of my favorite aspects from the movie (this isn't a review, just me commenting on the poster! Robot Walt Disney stay away!) was that in this world the natural wonders of the desert, the natural rock formations would form differently than in our world.

In the CARS world, the beautiful red cliffs of the desert would start to form car shapes. What Pixar picked was very appropriate and looks fantastic. It's subtle, too. Not too many people noticed it at the screening last night, but you get a nice clear look at 'em in the poster.

Anyway, you don't need any more of my blathering. Here's the poster! Enjoy!!!

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