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KONG is riddled with F-bombs!! Blooper reel hits the net!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here about to run out the door for the big AICN panel and beyond. But before I headed out I wanted to make sure to post this bit that hit the net, courtesy of Empire Online. They held their big awards recently, their readers naming KING KONG as best picture of the year. Peter Jackson accepted the award via video tape and sent along a blooper reel. I love blooper reels, often my favorite feature on the DVD on the rare occasion where they happen to show up. Enjoy the silliness!



Peter Jackson sent in a video acceptance to receive his Best Film gong at the 2006 Empire Awards and, after the usual pleasantries, Jackson included some never-before-seen footage from the film. There's a blooper reel, Andy Serkis 'original' vision for Kong, lightsaber action (seriously) and a brand new scene constructed especially for Empire that answers the biggest question of the film - how did they get Kong back to the States?

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