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Avary and Gaiman at it again, this time with BLACK HOLE for a young, HAUTE director!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with news on BLACK HOLE... No, not Disney's BLACK HOLE with Norman Bates, Robert Forster and Maximilian Schell... I'm talking about the graphic novel by Charles Burns. Turns out that book is being attacked by a pair of loons, namely Roger Avary (not Avery as Hollywood Reporter said) and Neil Gaiman who just recently worked together on Robert Zemeckis' upcoming BEOWULF.

Moriarty broke this story back in his STARDUST report, posted Sunday.

Alexandre Aja (HAUTE TENSION, HILLS HAVE EYES) is locked in to direct for Paramount.

I've been buried (sorry) in Robert Kirkman's THE WALKING DEAD recently, but now I have to check out Burns' books. I already ordered it from Amazon. Sounds pretty nifty, described as a horror romance story about a group of high school students who come into contact with a sexually transmitted disease called "the teen plague" or "the bug." Sounds great. Can't wait to dig into it!!!

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