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AICN COMICS SPECIAL! Austinites! STAPLE Comic Convention On Saturday, March 4th!

Howdy, folks.

Dave Farabee from AICN Comics here with a reminder that there’s more to the mighty comics medium than the doings of Marvel and DC at the big conventions last weekend. Fer instance…this coming Saturday, March 4th, Austin plays host for the second year to the small press expo, STAPLE. Here’s the con where you can catch up with indie hipsters like Jim Mahfood, Tony Millionaire, and Paige Braddock, look in on up-and-comers and local publishers, and generally hang out with the kind of folks who’re still in it “for the music” (metaphorically speaking).

In short, STAPLE’s the con where you’re not gonna get stuck on a crowded elevator with a squad of sweaty Stormtroopers.

Sponsored by Books and masterminded by one of the three coolest guys I know, Chris “Uncle Staple” Nicholas, the convention has already persevered through a with terrorists - I happen to think it’s the responsibility of all freedom-loving comic fans to give ‘em some support. I volunteered for the con last year and had a blast scoping out all the talent and just soaking up the sheer love of comics that’s so palpable at good small press shows. Even finally got around to signing up for the Comic Book Legal Defense fund (and got a bitchin’ sketch from Michael Lark in the process). And as if there was any question that this is the show for true lovers of the medium, ALL admission proceeds go directly to the CBLDF. Yes! Stick it to the man!

Admission is a mere $5 and this year’s show takes place at the Red Oak Ballroom at Northcross Mall. You can check out the official STAPLE website for directions and more info at this website.

Seeya there on Saturday!

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