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Fans of the Black Suit SPIDER-MAN might want to give this a look...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I don't often (knowingly) post fan art here on the site, but I got this earlier tonight and the SPIDER-MAN geek in me had to share this.

I really like that official image/maybe poster/piece of art that hit a couple days ago, but as a fan of the Black Suit comic days I was a little disappointed with what the black suit seemed to look like in that pic. The composition, mood and pose was great... I also figured that it was possible that a direct adaptation of the Black Suit from the comics wouldn't work... Check this out:

Sony, if you're paying attention... and I think you are since you asked us to take down that Q&A, take a look at that art. I trust Sam Raimi with the film. I really do, but take a good look at that art. Too me, it is the perfect amalgam of the film universe and the comics universe. And take a look at the talkback below. I might be in the minority... I don't know, but I'd bet that most fans of the comics would prefer a Black Suit that looks a bit more like the above. Thanks to "Jonathan" for sending the link to the above art. Here's the official suit, for comparison:

One of the things that the SPIDER-MAN films have done better than most Superhero flicks recently is nail Spidey's costume. Matter of fact, the biggest bitching heard from fans had to do with messing up the costume for The Green Goblin. We're sticklers for this kind of shit, you know? They got the colors and patterns so right in the last two movies, it'd be a shame to see them stumble with the black suit.

So, what's the verdict for you guys? Which do you prefer? Do you like the raised webbing on the black suit? Do you like the nice white spider logo on the chest? What're your thoughts?

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