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James Cameron's PROJECT 880 revealed? Behold...

Hey folks, Harry here - this scoop was sent into Moriarty last night, but I was asleep and couldn't post the pics, so you'll have to endure my rambling instead. Nightwing swooped down and snatched these shots that show us the secret PROJECT 880 that James Cameron has been working on and apparently had a world premiere of last night in Westwood. See...

Ok ok ok oooooooooooK. Tis a joke, in actuality this was part of the shoot for an upcoming episode of ENTOURAGE - which has been talking about this fictional James Cameron project. Honestly, I'd kill to see a James Cameron AQUAMAN... just not really with that font or cast. But that's just me. Sorry about the bait and switch, but we all know PROJECT 880 is AVATAR anyways. And this is just a lot of fun!

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