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The first glimpse of Venom? And more potential SPIDER-MAN 3 spoilers than you'll want to know!!!

Hey, guys... Thanks to the talkback below, we've already debunked the Venom as a bit of fanmade goodness. It's actually pretty sweet. He made it by manipulating a sequence from ALIENS. Here's the link to the SHH message board where this came from!

The behind the scenes shot of the church and the questions seem to still be good, though and that Venom design is still bad-ass. I just hope the folks over at the Spidey 3 production take note of the fan reaction to that style of design in the talkbacks below...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Hot on the tails of that exclusive image of Spidey and the official announcement from Sony that Spidey is wearing a black suit in that image we have a couple images for you.

Now, these purport to be snuck shots from the making of the movie. I'm the first to say this could be bullshit... we've gotten so many different SPIDER-MAN 3 rumors and stories and fake pics that it's a bit difficult to weed through them all. However, this could be the fakest stuff ever, but it's cool as hell. If the below picture of Venom isn't real then they need to find the person who did that and hire him.

There's also a Q&A to go along with it with our informer and his source.

If true, this is the first glimpse you'll get of Venom. If I were a betting man I'd guess that the Venom shot is a test of some sort. It looks like the shot was taken off a monitor. If not true, I still think it's fuckin' cool as hell and I hope that the Venom we see in theaters has something close to this look. There's also a pic that's supposed to be from the church set. Those familiar with the Spider-Man books know how important this set is.

Without any further ado, here are the pics and the Q&A. The Q&A goes into amazing, amazing detail. It's a spectacular amount of spoilers if true, including who lives and who dies. Also, note that we had this a good long while before the costume was released and the Q&A has the source detailing the black suit costume exactly right. Be very, very warned of spoilers. Also note just who Bruce Campbell is supposed to be playing... That would be absolutely perfect for future reference, especially if they're working towards a Sinister Six flick at any point.

Take with a block of salt, but enjoy!!!





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