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SuperHeroHype Grabs Our First Look At Spidey's New Costume & The Teaser Poster to SPIDER-MAN 3!!!

Hey folks... Harry here... So - you still wondering whether or not Venom is going to be in the SPIDER-MAN 3 flickeroo? Still holding on to that rumor about Mr Lightning? Well... perish the thought and take a gander at the awesome poster for SPIDER-MAN 3. Now, I'm still a tad ticked off that we didn't get our Marvel SECRET WARS movie... sigh, but here he has his Black Costume! Are you ready? It's going to be the next holy shit, Sam Raimi's at it again Superhero flick... Meanwhile if you want an absolutely huge version of this image below... go check out SuperHeroHype.Com, they broke it and they've got the best version of the poster. Great scoop guys!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a big piece of coolness for us SPIDER-MAN fans.

I love the image and they're saying over at Sony (SO IT'S OFFICIAL FROM SONY, NOT A FAN'S INTERPRETATION) that it's not a black and white image, but that Spidey is wearing a black and white costume. Hint-hint, nudge-nudge.

Well, it's certainly not a full color image. However, it is Spidey wearing a black suit. We've gotten tons and tons and tons of tiny bits that suggest Spider-Man does get the black suit in this movie, which seems to actually be happening. I'm gonna be a little pissed off if the black suit is just Spidey's regular suit, but in gray scale. No traditional black suit logo... I could even live with the raised webbing, etc, but I want that big, white spider emblem. It could be there, since we don't see his chest, but it certainly doesn't wrap around his ribcage like it does in the book.

So, Black Suit Spidey. Might as well be an official announcement that Topher Grace is Venom. I still almost don't believe it... I wonder what made Raimi change his mind about the character. I know the kids love The Ultimates line, but barring all else... I really want Venom to be an alien organism. That's what makes the character creepy and cool... that the suit, the costume was like a tapeworm, feeding off its host, a living breathing thinking organism. That's disturbing. At least to me.

Discuss. Let me know your thoughts. No matter what else, that's a fuckin' cool pic and will make a fantastic teaser poster!!!

PS... Take a look at his eye... there's reflection of what seems to be a building or his arm... I may be imagining things having spent too much time as a child figuring out animal shapes in the clouds, but if you tilt your head so the top of Spidey's head is pointing upright and look at the very bottom of this eye... there's kind of a grinning face there. Looks like the Goblin's mask. I don't think it's a reflection... and it could again be my imagination, but I think it might be a subtle hint. Maybe I'm crazy. Tell me below if you can see it. Try looking at the big image over at SHH here!

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