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Who's set to play ROGER EBERT & HARRY KNOWLES in upcoming films? This Story Is Crazy Cool!

Hey folks, Harry here. The world is so bizarre at times. On the same day - I find out who is playing young Roger Ebert in the Russ Meyer Biopic that's apparently coming up... though in my opinion the only director that should be allowed to shoot that is John Waters or David Lynch or... heh... David Cronenberg. Heh. David Cronenberg's RUSS MEYER!!! I'd get in line now. Heh. Meanwhile at the same time, I get confirmed news on who is playing me in the Weinstein Company's FANBOYS. Strange strange world...


Roger Ebert was on the Howard Stern show today and he mentioned that there is a movie about Russ Meyer in the works and that Philip Seymour Hoffman is set to play him (Roger Ebert)!

Call me KEVLO9

Ok - now that's pretty damn cool. Having a best actor nominee play Roger is just kinda awesome. And I can just see Phillip in the Ebert wig. That'd be hilarious! Meanwhile... in the Weinstein Company's production of FANBOYS the 'character' of Harry Knowles (name negotiations continuing - damn legalities) will be played by everybody's favorite LOST character... JORGE GARCIA... that's right. In an odd bit of chicken and egg, the rumors that Hurley was based on me, according to Herc, have now pushed Jorge's career from playing a character that was perhaps in some small part based on me to actually playing me in a film. All I know is the character of Harry Knowles is responsible for giving the guys the plans, schematics, etc for getting into SkyWalker Ranch. And apparently my character arrives in a 1954 Chevy 210 DelMar. And if you think that's insane, I actually own a 1953 Chevy BelAir. I just hope the license plate says "SELLOUT" - heh. Why am I not playing myself? Well, I told the filmmakers that frankly I'd be more interested in just seeing who they'd cast as me. Now, I'm just dying to see a still of Jorge as Harry!

I have to say, Ebert's confession on Stern has my curiosity up.... anybody know anything else regarding this RUSS MEYER movie? That sounds awesome. I just hope that at some future Oscar ceremony. Jorge and Hoffman are battling it out for a Supporting Actor Oscar for playing two film critics. LOL - talk about delusions of grandeur. Sheesh. Hang on, I'll pull the GOODYEAR tag off the back of my head.

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